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PURCHASE OF A MOBILE EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER (EOC) COMMAND VEHICLE - Authorization for the City Manager or Designee to Execute a Purchase Order for the Purchase of a Mobile Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Command Vehicle


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1.              Authorize the City Manager or designee to execute a purchase order with Pierce Manufacturing for the purchase of a Mobile Emergency Operations Center Command Vehicle in the amount of $869,176.64.

2.              Authorize the creation of a project account (PWC 8807) with an appropriation of $1,100,000, consisting of proceeds from the UASI grant ($700,000) and 2010 COP proceeds ($400,000, as described below).

3.              Approve an appropriation transfer of $400,000 of 2010 Certificates of Participation proceeds from the Development Center Seismic project 599PWC8752 to the Mobile Emergency Operations Center Command Vehicle project 599PWC8807.


BACKGROUND: On September 18, 2012, the City Council accepted a 2011 Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant in the amount of $750,000 from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The goal of the grant is to further the DHS program and its objectives to improve domestic disaster preparedness. The grant funding will be used to purchase a command vehicle and related equipment, and to develop a regional multi-disciplinary program for a Bay Area Incident Management Team.


Specifically, the 2011 UASI grant authorizes the City to use $700,000 of the grant proceeds for the purchase of a mobile Emergency Operations Center Command Vehicle, which will be utilized by the Police and Fire Departments to provide a timely mobile resource to emergency events within Fremont, and for multi-agency responses during a terrorist event. The remainder of the grant, $50,000, will be used to hire a contractor to develop a regional multi-disciplinary program using existing assets and creating systems necessary to recruit, train, exercise, equip, certify and maintain a Bay Area Incident Management Team.


DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS: Command staff members from both the Police and Fire Departments established a subcommittee to work on this project, which also included representatives from the City’s Maintenance Department and Fleet Services.  The team conducted extensive research to determine the best option for designing and manufacturing an EOC Command Vehicle that would best meet the City’s needs. Through this extensive research, the team determined that the City of Bakersfield recently conducted a similar process of purchasing a mobile EOC command vehicle funded by a Department of Homeland Security grant. 


The City of Bakersfield issued a competitive bid to various public safety apparatus vendors (Bakersfield Invitation to Bid No. 11-12-18) that resulted in an award of a Purchase Order #121413 to Pierce Manufacturing, Inc., in the amount of $799,950.19. Pierce Manufacturing is the leading North American manufacturer of custom fire apparatus and has a long-standing history of providing exceptional products and services to the Fremont Fire Department at competitive prices.


The specifications in the bid for the City of Bakersfield EOC command vehicle are virtually identical to Fremont’s criteria for the EOC Command Vehicle and are consistent with the UASI/DHS procurement guidelines.  The City’s purchasing ordinance allows us to piggyback on contracts from other government agencies. Fremont Municipal Code section 2-9704 authorizes the city to contract based upon terms of an existing contract between the contractor and another public agency without competitive bidding where the terms are materially the same as an existing contract between the contractor and another public agency and that contract resulted from procurement methods similar to those required by this chapter.  The request for exemption from competitive procurement for this item was reviewed and approved by the purchasing manager and city manager in accordance with the purchasing ordinance.


As noted above, Fremont’s basic command vehicle specifications are nearly identical to Bakersfield’s. However, there are a few differences in outfitting the vehicle due to the fact that, unlike Bakersfield’s unit, which is used solely by the Fire Department, Fremont’s unit will be used by both the Police and Fire Departments, it will also be utilized as a mobile dispatch unit, and it will be an essential resource during SWAT operations, thus requiring additional work stations. In addition the Fremont unit will have an additional slide-out module, exterior surveillance camera, A/V equipment, and paint/graphics. The City of Bakersfield bid was also subject to a 3% price increase, effective March 31, 2012.


All of these factors result in a higher overall purchase amount as compared to the amount the City of Bakersfield paid, which only included the cost of the command vehicle itself and little or no loose equipment necessary for the operation of a mobile command unit. As a result, the total purchase price for the City will be $922,643.74.  However, Fremont will receive a pre-payment discount of $53,467.10, which brings the total cost down to $869,176.64. The sales/use tax of $75,814.42 will be paid directly by the City to the California State Board of Equalization, which means the local share will be credited back to the City of Fremont, rather than being placed into the County pool and shared with all jurisdictions in the County.


FISCAL IMPACT: Given the size, complexity, and variety of funding sources associated with this acquisition, staff recommends creating a project budget in an amount not to exceed $1,100,000, to fund the vehicle purchase price, California sales tax, outfitting and acquisition of loose equipment, and a small contingency amount.  Funding for the budget will be from the following sources:


·         $700,000 – 2011 UASI grant allocation

·         $400,000 – 2010 COP proceeds


At the time the 2010 COPs were approved and sold, a portion ($1.5 million) was allocated for the acquisition of Fire apparatus.  The actual cost of the apparatus was $1.1 million, and the $400,000 savings was reprogrammed for the Development Center Seismic Retrofit project.  Now that that project is nearing completion, it appears the $400,000 will not be needed, and so it is available to be re-allocated for acquisition of the EOC Command Vehicle.