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TRACT 8403 - Approval of Final Map, Agreement for Construction of Private Street Improvements, and Dedication of Public Easements for Tract 8403, located at 44960 Warm Springs Boulevard (Metro Crossing)


Category:Agreements and Contracts

Item Discussion

Executive Summary: The purpose of this report is to approve Final Tract Map 8403 and improvement agreement for private infrastructure associated with a 60 unit condominium residential development, commonly known as Metro Crossing (formerly known as Warm Springs TOD Village).


BACKGROUND: On April 14, 2016, the City Council approved Vesting Tentative Tract Map 8265 on a 34.5 gross acre property for Area 9 of the Warm Springs / South Fremont Community Plan area.  This allowed for filing and approval of multiple final tract maps.


Final Tract Map 8403 proposes to further subdivide Lot 17 of Final Tract Map 8265 to allow for 60 condominium units, private open spaces and private streets. The developer is Toll CA XX, LP.


The first phase of development, Final Tract Map 8265 created 39 parcels, including Lot 17, to allow for 477 condominium and 392 market rate and affordable apartment units.


DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS: The Final Map is in conformance with the Vesting Tentative Map and the developer has complied with all Tentative Map Conditions of Approval. The Final Map and Improvement Plans have been reviewed and are now ready for City Council approval.


The developer has signed the Private Improvement Agreement and has posted performance and labor and material bonds each in the amount of $2,416,000 to guarantee construction of the private and common area improvements (Radiance Common, Reflection Common, Silhouette Common, Prism Terrace, and Lumen Terrace). Private improvements include the construction of private streets, installation of stormwater facilities, vehicular parking to serve the residents, and other miscellaneous items of work as identified on the approved improvement plans.




ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW:  In July 2014, the City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (SCH# 2013032062) for the Warm Springs/South Fremont Community Plan. Pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15183, an Environmental Compliance Checklist was prepared for the project that found that the development density and intensity was consistent with the Community Plan and there were no new significant effects related to the project or site. The Final Map and Improvement Plans are consistent with the original project description and scope of work. No further environmental review is required.

Document Comments

RECOMMENDATION: Adopt a resolution to:

1.              Approve the Final Map and the Improvement Plans for Tract 8403.

2.              Approve the Agreement for Private Improvements entitled “Private Improvement Agreement, Tract 8403”, with the developer, Toll CA XX, LP, and authorize the City Manager to execute the agreement on behalf of the City.

3.              Accept the developer’s offer of dedication of real property interests, as identified on the Final Map, provided that the acceptance of any property on which the developer is required to construct public improvements shall be conditioned upon the developer’s completion of the improvements to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.