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WALNUT AVENUE BIKEWAY IMPROVEMENT PROJECT - Approve Plans and Specifications; Award Contract to O’Grady Paving, Inc. in the Amount of $6,358,179.00; Authorize Reallocation of Appropriations for the Walnut Avenue Bikeway Improvement Project (PWC 8959); Exempt from Environmental Review per CEQA Guidelines Section 15301 (Existing Facilities)


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Item Discussion

Executive Summary: The purpose of this report is to initiate the construction of a separated bikeway along Walnut Avenue from Mission Boulevard to Paseo Padre Parkway, along with corridor improvements including traffic signal modernization, pedestrian safety enhancements, and pavement maintenance.  The project is primarily funded by a grant from the Alameda County Transportation Commission (CTC).


BACKGROUND: As part of Fremont’s Capital Improvement Program, funds have been allocated through an Alameda CTC grant and other funding sources for the Walnut Avenue Bikeway Improvement Project.  A major goal of the project is to provide a high quality bikeway, attractive to people of all ages and abilities, connecting major residential developments and destinations in the City Center Area including the Fremont BART station, Downtown Fremont, medical facilities, and retail centers.


The Walnut Avenue Bikeway Improvements – Mission Boulevard to Paseo Padre Parkway” project will install a raised separated bikeway along Walnut Avenue, protected intersection improvements at BART Driveway, BART parking lot, Guardino Drive and Gallaudet Drive; protected intersection improvements and traffic signal modifications and signal interconnect at Paseo Padre Parkway and Civic Center Drive; a rectangular rapid flashing beacon at the West BART driveway/trail intersection; upgrade existing curb access ramps; modify existing AC Transit stops, pavement repair; crack seal; slurry seal; install bike counters; traffic striping and pavement markings.


The improvements align with the City’s Capital Improvement Program, General Plan, Downtown Community Plan goals, Vision Zero traffic safety plan, Pedestrian Master Plan and Bicycle Master Plan.  The expectation duration for the project construction is from Spring 2019 to early 2020.  Notification about planned construction activities will be coordinated with the adjacent residential and business communities.  A future phase of the project is planned to extend the project limits from Paseo Padre Parkway to the Fremont Hub area west of Fremont Boulevard.


DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS: The construction contract for the project was advertised for bids and bids were opened on February 5, 2019.


Bid Results:  The bidders with their respective bid amounts are shown below. The Engineer’s Estimate is $5,170,000.


BIDDER                                                                      BID AMOUNT

1.     O’Grady Paving, Inc.                                          $ 6,358,179.00 *

2.     Sposeto Engineering, Inc.                            $ 6,368,874.70 *

3.     Redgwick Construction Co.                            $ 7,414,503.00

*mathematically corrected


The low bidder for this project, O’Grady Paving, Inc., submitted a responsive bid and all documents are in order.  The contractor is a responsible bidder experienced in this type of work and has satisfactorily completed contracts of a similar nature with the City and other nearby local agencies.


While the project has a higher cost than what was initially estimated by staff, the bid amount appears reasonable based upon the following special conditions: 1) escalating construction costs for electrical work (related to traffic signals) due to a current high market demand for a limited labor pool, 2) construction work restrictions due to special events planned in Downtown Fremont, and 3) limited places for contractor to store and stage construction materials and equipment in the Downtown area.    As a continuous improvement effort, Public Works engineering staff reviews bid results and makes pricing adjustments for future estimating purposes based on “lessons learned”.


Project Costs and Funding:


Estimated Project Costs

Engineering, Design                            $              487,600

Consultant Services, Design (TJKM, Kier & Wright, EXARO)              $              60,100

Construction Cost (Low Bid)                            $              6,358,179

Construction Inspection, Surveying and Administration                            $              320,000

Project Contingency                            $              320,000

Total Estimated Project Costs                            $              7,545,879


Source of Funding: 

Currently Budgeted

Fund 134 - SB1 State Gas Tax 2030 (FY 2018/19)                            $              700,000

Fund 504 – ACTC Measure BB Grant                            $              5,000,000

Fund 519 – Measure B Bike & Ped                            $              84,110

Fund 520 – Measure BB Bike & Ped                            $              13,000

Fund 531 – Traffic Impact Fee                            $              200,000


Proposed Additional Funding

Fund 518Measure B Local Streets (PWC 8239)              $              360,000

Fund 502 – Outside Source (Robson Homes)                            $              112,613

Fund 515 – Measure BB Local Streets (PWC8234)                            $              202,250

Fund 518 – Measure B Local Street (PWC8234)                            $              87,750

Fund 531 – Traffic Impact Fee (PWC 7953)                            $              626,000

Fund 531 – Traffic Impact Fee (PWC 8498)                            $              106,747

Fund 531 – Traffic Impact Fee (PWC 8914)                            $              60,000

Total Funds Available                             $              7,552,470


FISCAL IMPACT: Additional funding is needed to complete the augmented elements of the project related to pavement maintenance, traffic signal modernization, and traffic safety. With the recommended additional reallocation of funds to the project, there will be sufficient funds available for the estimated project cost.  The source of funds are primarily from increased available revenues from Measure B/BB and Traffic Impact Fee programs and will not affect established commitments to other projects.  


ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW:  This project is exempt from  the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15301 as the repair, maintenance or minor alteration of existing facilities involving no or negligible expansion of use beyond that which presently exists.



Document Comments

RECOMMENDATION:  Approval of the following actions related to the Walnut Avenue Bicycle Improvement Project – Mission Boulevard to Paseo Padre Parkway (PWC 8959):

1.              Find that this project is exempt from California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15301 as the repair, maintenance or minor alteration of existing facilities involving no or negligible expansion of use beyond that presently existing.

2.              Approve the plans and specifications for this project.

3.              Accept the bid and award the construction contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, O’Grady Paving, Inc. in the amount of $6,358,179.00 and allocate a 5% construction contingency in the amount of $320,000 for a total construction contract amount of $6,678,179.00, and authorize the City Manager or designee to execute the contract.

4.              Reallocate $360,000 from PWC8239-518 to PWC8959-518.

5.              Appropriate $112,613 of developer contribution to PWC8959-502.

6.              Reallocate $202,250.50 from PWC8234-515 to PWC8959-515.

7.              Reallocate $87,749.50 from PWC8234-518 to PWC8959-518.

8.              Reallocate $626,000 from PWC7953-531 to PWC8959-531.

9.              Reallocate $106,747 from PWC8498-531 to PWC8959-531.

10.              Reallocate $60,000 from PWC8914-531 to PWC8959-531.