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MAYOR MEI REFERRAL: Appointments and Reappointments to Advisory Bodies


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Item Discussion

MAYOR MEI REFERRAL:  Appointments and reappointments to advisory bodies with terms expiring as follows:

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Advisory Body                                                                                    Appointee                            Term Expires


East Bay Regional Park District/City of Fremont              Larry Thompson              12/31/2022

Liaison Committee - Alternate (Recreation Commission Representative)


George W. Patterson House Advisory Board              Elissa Winters                            12/31/2021

(Recreation Commission Representative)


Human Relations Commission                                          Feda Almaliti                            12/31/2021


Library Advisory Commission                                          Jennifer Choe                            12/31/2021

                                                                                                  Kathleen Lang                            12/31/2022


Planning Commission                                                                      Robert Daulton              12/31/2022





Advisory Body                                                                                    Appointee                            Term Expires


Human Relations Commission                                          Dharminder Dewan              12/31/2022

                                                                                                  Cullen Tiernan              12/31/2022



RECOMMENDATION: Approve appointments and reappointments.