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WATERPARK FACILITIES MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS - Authorize the City Manager or Designee to Execute First Amendment for Aqua Adventure Waterpark Maintenance and Repairs with National Aquatic Services


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Item Discussion

Executive Summary: The purpose of this report is to authorize the approval of the first Amendment of the Pool Preventative Maintenance and Replacement Agreement for Aqua Adventure Waterpark (Waterpark).


BACKGROUND:  The City completed an informal bid proposal in fall 2018 in anticipation of upcoming on-call maintenance and repair services at the Waterpark. The informal bid included the scope of work, performance requirements and general contract information. The proposal was forwarded to four (4) agencies: National Aquatic Services, Knorr Systems, East Bay Pool Service and Home Four Seasons Pool Service. Responses to the bid proposal were received in January 2019. National Aquatics Services (NAS) was awarded the contract.


DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS:  NAS was awarded a contract award of up to $99,500 to support on-call maintenance and repair services over a four (4) year period with City approval through June 30, 2023. On-call maintenance and repair services included, but not limited to pool plaster repair and maintenance, pool tile and molding repair and replacement, UV system repair and replacement, pump, filter, valve and heater services/replacement and plumbing services to control systems as well as other operating systems to sustain pool functions.


NAS has commenced surveying the Waterpark and has initiated work on several items including pool grates and plaster patching. During the survey NAS and City staff determined that the plaster deterioration is more significant than originally anticipated.  The plastering patch was unsuccessful, and uncovered that a more extensive plaster repair/replacement was needed to meet the safety standards for pool operations for summer 2019. It has been determined by the Alameda County Health Department that the work be completed prior to the start of daily operations. This additional work will expend 60% of the $99,500. The City anticipates that more work is needed at the park to maintain pool operations this season and over the next three (3) years.


Total compensation with approval of the first amendment will be $299,000. This is an increase of $199,500. This amount is in excess of the $100,000 threshold stated in Fremont Municipal Code § 3.20.120 for using the competitive negotiations process for procurement described in § 3.20.250.  However, authorizing the amendment on a sole-source basis is justified in that NAS was selected to perform the original scope of work following a competitive process pursuant to § 3.20.260, and the company is familiar with the scope of work and has now successfully performed similar work at the site for the City. 


As described previously the approval of the first amendment will support unknown on-call maintenance and repairs, based on the original scope, expected but not identified to date. The waterpark is in its eleventh season and the aging pool equipment and structures have an increased need for maintenance and repairs. The cost of the required annual maintenance and repairs are covered by the fees charged to waterpark patrons. As operating fees continue to increase the waterpark fees are adjusted accordingly.


FISCAL IMPACT:  The funding for Pool Preventative Maintenance and Replacement was approved in the Fiscal Year 2018/19 Recreation 189 Cost Center Budget.  Additional funding is included in the 2019/20 Proposed Budget and there is no impact to the General Fund.


ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: The project is exempt from review under the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15301, Existing Facilities.



Document Comments

RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the City Manager or designee to execute the first amendment for the Pool Preventative Maintenance and Replacement agreement with National Aquatic Services.