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ON-CALL LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT SERVICES - Approve and Authorize the City Manager or His Designee to Execute Master Service Agreements with Consulting Firms to Support Land Use and Development Services


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Item Discussion

Executive Summary: Community Development utilizes a number of on-call consulting services to support land use and development-related permitting services. On-call consultants provide expertise that staff does not have (e.g., acoustical noise and vibration analysis) or provides supplemental staffing during periods of peak demand (e.g., extra building inspection staffing). Staff requests that the City Council authorize the City Manager or his designee to execute master service agreements with the consultants listed in this report and in Exhibit “A.”


DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS: In June 2019, Community Development released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) on BidSync (City’s web based on-line bidding partner) for on-call consultant services that support land use and development permit processing. These consultants provide services that staff does not have expertise to provide or provide supplemental staffing during periods of peak demand. This solicitation is intended to support all on-call service needs for the next five years.


Forty-four (44) firms submitted Statements of Qualifications (SOQs), each representing the range of on-call consultants required to support land use and development permit processing requests in Fremont. All 44 consultants were determined qualified to provide their technical specialty, and the combination of all of these consultants provides adequate breadth of support to meet the City’s land use and development permit processing needs. The majority of work completed by the on-call consultants will be funded directly by the private party applicants requesting a planning entitlement or building permit. To a lesser extent, these firms may support project work on City-initiated projects (e.g., the recent Mission San Jose Commercial Strategy Study).


Each of the firms who submitted a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) is listed below under the technical specialty that they are qualified to provide on-call services for.


·         Full Service Planning Firms: Full service planning firms provide a broad range of services such as environmental analysis (CEQA/NEPA including the individual technical subjects), land use/community planning, community outreach, historic resource analysis, and project management services. The following full service firms are qualified to provide these services to the City:

o        Galvin Preservation Associates, Inc. (dba, GPA Consulting)

o        Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

o        MIG, Inc.

o        Placeworks, Inc.

o        Urban Planning Partners, Inc.

·         Planning, Design/Architecture, Outreach Facilitation Services: Planning and design firms provide land use/community planning services, such as General Plan updates, Community Plans (e.g., Downtown), and design guidelines for specific community issues (e.g., second story residential development). As part of these services, these firms facilitate public discussions about community planning issues.

o        Barry J. Miller

o        CGU Landscape Architecture

o        RRM Design Group

o        Urban Field Studio, LLP

·         Environmental Services: Environmental service firms provide the full range of technical analysis when required by requests for development entitlements and permits. These services include analysis required under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).

o        AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

o        Analytical Environmental Services, Inc.

o        Archeo-Tech Consulting Archaeologists

o        Circle Point

o        EcoTierra Consulting

o        EKI Environment & Water, Inc.

o        FCS International, Inc. (dba First Carbon Solutions)

o        HT Harvey & Associates

o        ICF Jones & Stokes, Inc.

o        Lamphier-Gregory

o        LSA Associates, Inc.

·         Noise, Acoustic, Vibration and Air Quality Services: These firms complete analyses of noise, acoustic, vibration, and air quality impacts of new development or uses on the existing environment, as required under State and federal law.

o        Coffman Engineers, Inc.

o        Illingworth & Rodkin, Inc.

o        RCH Group, Inc.

o        Yorke Engineers, LLC

·         Traffic/Transportation Services: These firms complete traffic/transportation studies related to proposed development projects. These analyses evaluate how a proposed project impacts existing traffic around the project site, as well as the larger, regional traffic patterns and levels of service. These firms provide on-call services for both private development and City-initiated projects.

o        Fehr & Peers

o        Hexagon Transportation Consultants, Inc.

o        Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation, Inc. (dba, W-Trans)

·         Economic, Fiscal, and Real Estate Services: Economic, fiscal, and real estate firms typically provide analysis on City-initiated projects, such as the affordable housing ordinance and development impact fee nexus studies.

o        BAE Urban Economics, Inc.

o        Century Urban, LLC (dba, Century l Urban)

o        Economic Planning Systems, Inc.

o        Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.

o        Strategic Economics, Inc.

·         Historic Services: Historic resource firms provide a range of services related to establishment of and/or modification to existing historic resources. These include analysis required under State and federal law, as well as assistance in determining if proposed modifications to historic resources are compatible as required under law.

o        Architectural Resources Group, Inc.

o        Denise Bradley Cultural Landscapes

o        Knapp Architects

o        Michael R. Corbett

o        Page & Turnbull, Inc.

·         Building Plan Check and Inspection Services: The firms below provide on-call services during periods of peak demand when there are more requests for plan review and building inspections than City staff can support.

o        4LEAF, Inc.

o        CSG Consultants, Inc.

o        Independent Code Consultants, Inc.

o        Shums Coda Associates

o        TRB+Associates, Inc.

·         Hazardous Materials Plan Check and Inspection Services: The Fire Marshal is responsible for hazardous materials plan check and inspection services. The City outsources these services for new development to the two firms below. After initial construction, Fire Department inspectors manage all on-going regulatory inspections.

o        Advanced Industrial Designs, Inc. (dba, AIDI, Inc.)

o        Forster Consulting Services


FISCAL IMPACT: The majority of on-call work to be completed by these consultants will be funded directly by the private party requesting a land use entitlement or building permit. As necessary, these consultants may also complete on-call work for City-initiated projects (e.g., fee updates, land use planning, public works projects). Under these circumstances, the consultant work is funded by the approved project budget.


ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW:  Environmental review is not required as these master service agreements are not a project as described by California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guideline Sections 15061(b)(3) and 15378(b). It can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility that authorization of these agreements will have a significant effect on the physical environment.



Document Comments

RECOMMENDATION: Approve and authorize the City Manager or his designee to enter into the on-call land use and development consultants as listed in this report and detailed in Exhibit “A.”