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REPLACEMENT OF THE CITY’S ACTIVITY, FACILITY RESERVATION AND REGISTRATION SOFTWARE – Authorize the City Manager, or Designee, to Enter into Agreements and Issue Purchase Orders with Active Network, LLC, (Active) for the Implementation, Annual Software Support and Subscription and Maintenance of the Web-based Solution


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Item Discussion

Executive Summary: The City currently uses Active Network’s CLASS Registration Software System (Release 8.0), using Crystal Reports (version 9.0) for the management of recreation classes and facility reservations. The CLASS system is scheduled to be phased out in November 2020 by Active Network. After this date the CLASS system will no longer have maintenance or software support available. For this reason, a new Request for Proposals was issued in December 2018. Four (4) proposals were received and evaluated and Active Network was rated as the highest scoring vendor.


BACKGROUND: The City’s Community Services Department has been using the CLASS software solution since 1999. CLASS is currently the primary interface for recreation activity registration for classes and facility reservations for commercial, non-profit, resident and non-resident customers. Revenue generated from these activities and processed through the system is approximately $6 million annually.


Over the 20-year history, the CLASS system has gone through several upgrades. However, these upgrades will be terminated by November 2020 due to Active Network’s discontinuation of the CLASS software.  


DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS: A Request for Proposals (#RFP 19-011 Recreation and Facilities Software System) was released December 10, 2018 for vendors to compete for the replacement of the City’s CLASS Software. The bid remained opened through January 25, 2019.


The scope of work consisted of a project description and objectives. Project description focused on the ability for the solution to manage multiple business units’ activities such as facility reservations and program registrations. The intent of the multiple business features is to support access and usage by other City departments such as Human Services and potentially external groups such as the school district. This feature will help customers experience a single web-based platform to complete transactions with the City. This benefit, which Community Services Department has been enjoying, will be realized by Human Services Department as it transitions its current activity processes to the web-based platform. Human Services will use the software for senior activities and classes, reserving facilities, and collecting payments. Additionally, users will have the ability to manage transactions online, track activities electronically and report/review their history. Cost sharing of the initial deployment and on-going maintenance of the solution will be supported by Community Services Department and the Human Services Department.


Additionally, the scope of work included accounting integration, 24/7 public access/Internet-Facing, mobile friendly, credit card processing, reports, marketing and dashboards.


The project objectives centered on system viability and on-going support, integration with City identified systems, automating applicable and agreed business processes and scalability (e.g., technology changes, new services).


The City received four competitive proposals for this service: Active Network, Civic Rec, Perfect Mind and Vermont. The evaluation process included a review of the written proposal and an oral presentation. Only two (2) of the four (4) agencies scored competitively to qualify for the oral presentation: Active Network and Perfect Mind. The proposals were evaluated by seven (7) raters from Community Services Department, Finance Department, Human Services Department and Information Technology Department applying the following factors and maximum points per scoring criteria:


·         Functionality (Self Reporting)                             12.5 Points

·         Functionality (Proof of Capability)                            18.0 Points

·         Scope of Service                                                        25.0 Points

·         Qualifications                                                                      20.0 Points

·         Technology Service Agreement                            10.0 Points

·         References (Self-Reporting)                                          10.0 Points

·         Reference (Agency Responses)                            10.0 Points

·         Implementation Methodology                            20.0 Points

·         Training                                                                      20.0 Points

·         Customer Support, Warranty                            20.0 Points

·         Cost                                                                                    25.0 Points


The Active Network proposal received the highest score by the raters as shown in the table below.



Staff is recommending awarding the contract to Active Network, LLC, with a five-year term with a not to exceed amount of $430,033. Project costs during the initial term consisting of one-time and on-going annual subscription as shown below.


1.     One-Time Project Costs: $186,033:

·         CLASS Extension through November 2020                            $15,751

·         Contingency                                                                                     $28,380

·         Hardware                                                                                                  $50,552

·         SaaS                                                                                                   $61,000

·         Service                                                                                                   $30,350


2.     On-Going Annual Subscription not to exceed amount of $61,000, totaling $244,000 for the remaining four (4) years of the contract term.    


Payment processing will be managed through the Active Net Solution. Fees associated with payments will depend on the volume of transactions and payment types customers use. These fees are taken off the top prior to Active Network paying the City. Generally, the credit card processing fee is 3%, $0.10 flat fee for credit care refunds and 0.50% for Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF) and/or Electronic Check Presentment (ECP). These fees are fairly standard and comparable with the rates the City is currently paying for credit card processing.  


FISCAL IMPACT: Cost sharing of the one-time and on-going maintenance of the solution will be supported by the Community Services Department (80%) and Human Services Department (20%) during the term of the contract, excluding hardware expenses, which each department will be responsible for funding. The estimated one-time project cost not-to-exceed amount is $186,033, as previously described and annual subscription not to exceed amount of $61,000, totaling $244,000 for the remaining four (4) years of the contract term.


The Community Services Department will cover this cost from the Recreation Cost Center. This project was included and approved in the FY 2019/20 Community Services Operating Budget.


Human Services will cover this cost through fund 186, Senior Center Fund, which is estimated at $86,006 for the contract term ($37,206 One-Time Project Costs including Hardware + $48,800 for four additional years of subscription costs). The Human Services Department is requesting the City Council appropriate $37,206 in FY 19/20.


ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: The proposed action is not a project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) as defined in CEQA Guidelines Section 15378(b)(5).



Document Comments


1.              Authorize the City Manager, or Designee, to enter into Agreements with Active Network, for term of five (5) years in the amount not to exceed $430,033.  This amount includes one-time project costs of $186,033 and four (4) years of annual subscription costs not to exceed $244,000 ($61,000 annually). 

2.              Appropriate funding from Fund 186, Senior Center Fund in the amount of $37,206 to support Human Services project costs.