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PASEO PADRE PARKWAY LED STREET LIGHT RETROFIT PROJECT - Approval of Plans and Specifications and Award of Contract to the Lowest Responsible Bidder for the Paseo Padre Parkway LED Street Light Retrofit Project from Fremont Boulevard to Washington Boulevard, City Project No. 8725A(PWC)


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Executive Summary: The purpose of this report is to recommend that the City Council approve the plans and specifications for the Paseo Padre Parkway LED Street Light Retrofit Project from Fremont Boulevard to Washington Boulevard, City Project No. 8725A (PWC), accept the bid and award the contract for construction to Amland Corporation, the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, in the amount of $189,295.00.  


BACKGROUND: The recently-adopted General Plan includes an ambitious goal to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent below 2005 levels by 2020.  One strategy for reaching this goal is Implementation Measure 9-2.1.B of the General Plan, which states:


“Reduce energy consumption of municipal streetlights by converting existing . . .  lamps to LED (light emitting diode), induction, or another more efficient lighting technology.”


Consistent with the General Plan, the City has begun to convert its streetlights to LEDs.  In 2011, using funding from the federal Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG), the City converted 317 high pressure sodium lamps on Stevenson Boulevard and Osgood Road to LED.  The Paseo Padre Parkway LED Streetlight Retrofit Project will utilize a combination of remaining EECBG funds, PG&E rebates from previous streetlight retrofits, expected PG&E rebates for this project, and proceeds from Certificates of Participation to continue the City’s conversion program.


DISCUSSION/ANALYSIS: The project on Paseo Padre Parkway is part of the City’s long-term plan to convert all existing street lights to more energy efficient technologies.  It is consistent with the City’s emphasis on sustainability and will help the City reduce overall electrical consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from day-to-day operations.  LED street lights will reduce energy consumption and costs by an average of approximately 50 percent compared to high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights.  LED lights also have an expected operating life of over 25 years versus four years for HPS lights, which will lead to additional savings on maintenance costs.


This project will replace all existing HPS street light heads with LED street light heads along Paseo Padre Parkway from Fremont Boulevard to Washington Boulevard.  No changes will be made to the existing poles and wiring.  This project encompasses a six mile stretch of Paseo Padre Parkway with 401 street light heads being replaced with LED street lights.  The resulting benefits of the project will be an estimated reduction in electrical consumption by 120,000 kWh per year and an estimated savings of $18,200 per year on electrical costs.  Detailed maintenance cost savings have not been calculated.


Bid Results:  Bids were received on April 10, 2012 for the Paseo Padre Parkway LED Retrofit Project, City Project No. 8725A (PWC).  Bids were received, as follows:





Amland Corporation



Express Energy Services, Inc.



Republic ITS



W Bradley Electric



Wingard Engineering, Inc.






Tennyson Electric



Energywise Mechanical



Beltramo Electric, Inc.



Engineer’s Estimate



*Mathematically Corrected


The low monetary bidder for this project, Amland Corporation, is a responsible bidder with experience in this type of work. Ttheir bid is responsive and all bid documents are in order.


Project Costs and Funding: The estimated project cost is as follows:


Project Design & Administration

$  10,000

Construction Cost (includes $20,000 in Construction Contingency)


Construction Inspection and Administration


Project Contingency





Funding programmed for the project is as follows:


Fund 194, Federal Grant (EECBG)


Fund 194, PG&E Rebate Paseo Padre Parkway


Fund 599, Certificates of Participation





Based on current estimates, there are sufficient funds available for this project.


FISCAL IMPACT: Funding for this project includes PG&E rebates from prior projects and expected rebates from the current project in the amount of $35,025.  Funding also includes a request for City Council to transfer $107,789 of EECBG funds from three other projects where activities were or are anticipated to be completed under budget.  This project will help ensure the City utilizes its remaining EECBG funds before the grant deadline of November 17, 2012.  Finally, the project will utilize proceeds from Certificates of Participation issued in 2010 that were previously appropriated for LED streetlight retrofits. 


ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: This project is categorically exempt under Section 15301 (c) of the Guidelines for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) as a minor alteration of an existing facility.  A Notice of Exemption/Statement of Exemption was filed with the County Clerk on April 9, 2012.



Document Comments


1.              Approve the plans and specifications, accept the bid and award the construction contract for the Paseo Padre Parkway LED Retrofit Project from Fremont Boulevard to Washington Boulevard, City Project No. 8725A (PWC), to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Amland Corporation, in the amount of $189,295.00 and authorize the City Manager or designee to execute the contract.

2.              Transfer appropriation of $38,000 from 194PWC8684, Energy Efficiency Upgrades, to 194PWC8725, LED Street Light/Parking Lot Retrofit.  

3.              Transfer appropriation of $25,000 from 194PWC8727, Green Zoning Ordinance, to 194PWC8725 LED, Street Light/Parking Lot Retrofit.  

4.              Transfer appropriation of $44,789 from 194PWC8712, Fremont Main Library Roof Replacement, to 194PWC8725 LED, Street Light/Parking Lot Retrofit.